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Kucing Kucluk

Uing Jeung ..hihihi
Welcome to my world !! Here you can find out what am I currently doing and what I am interested in. If You have any comments please do not hesistate to E-Mail me at soon.

So who am I, If you do not know that already ...then WELCOME STRANGER!! You are stranger number to this page since January 10th 1996. so here we go from the top. My real name is Iyas Kusnadi and Farhan is my nickname in Negeri Isnet or other BBS I frequently visits I am 26 years old . My birthday was on December 15th, I live in Tembagapura the part City of Irian Jaya. Province. But you have to mention this, I was born in Bandung(not This) one most beautifull city at Indonesia , also Bandung is called by Paris van Java or mode City or Flower City...ah Lieur euy..(masalahnya teman saya bilang bukan Kota Kembang lagi tapi Kota Kambing sekarang ..ooops OFF the record Lho..) . Anyway I spent my life at that city (chuckless "hehe").

I graduated from STM Pembangunan Bandung, Industrial Electric Department, the most popular and famous Techlogy high school at Indonesia. I live at Cimahi the Bandung neighborhood city it's very nice ,love with each other and kindest people. My Motto is Let me try and try on straight way. Allah be with us

Oh..yes. Do you want to know my hobbies ??

My hobby is ......each other and very very like something can be chalenged me . sport??? I like sport but not so many, just like football and basket ball but just only suporter....he...he malu euy. But I realy enjoy in ISNET server and very usefull, I can live chatt with other Moslem in the whole world's very...very ......


Amar Ma'ruf Nahi seharusnya ini Motto bukan cita-cita... to be a Man on straight way with ALLAH Guidence.

Future Plan..???? Ah..hah ..that sound good!!

(I am Thinking right now)

Udah ....ah capek ngoceh terus....kembali lagi or Go back!!!! dachhhhhhh ...see

Address :
PT.Freeport Indonesia.Co
Tembagapura Irja,98100.
Voice :
62-0979-5403307 or 62-0979-541-2385 (work)
Jl.Teknologi 5 no.9 Cimahi

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